The Mission

At Home with No Kids Allowed was birthed out of the NKA podcast. The weekly show hosted by me and Notorious M.O.M featured topics that only moms would understand. Who else would understand the pride of birth (or the regret), or the need for help but fear of being a burden, or even the joy seeing a half-ass flip combo by your 6-year old. Well the podcast fizzled because moms have shit to do. 

But I still felt the need to find a space for moms. I mean we need a release. BOOM, candles! For me, candles help me escape. After work, there’s school pick-up, homework, dinner, bathtime, bedtime, clean up… you still with me? So, once it’s all done, I light a candle, pour a glass, and zone out. 

Depending on the scent, I quickly escape to a tropical island, or a bed of garden flowers, or a spa. Kids don’t bother me in those places and they aren’t allowed to when my candle is lit.

The mission is to bring you with me on a little escape with candles and the many home goods to come. Let’s get LIT!


xo MilfyCee